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Most people we know and talk to find themselves overwhelmed with NO TIME.  They are having to shoehorn their lifestyle into the pockets of time that is left.


Most people we know are frustrated with not being able to do the FUN things in life that having more time allows.


Most people we know would seriously enjoy an additional income that would allow them to enjoy the most important things in life.  AND THAT WAS ME.......

Phil has spent the last 14 years dancing to someone else's tune working 70/80 hours a week. He loved his job in the medical devices industry but had no time or freedom to spend with his family. Phil felt trapped in the rat race and as his career grew in the corporate world so did his hours. 2 years ago it was at this point that Phil took a serious look at what Forever Living Products had to offer.

Why Forever?

For almost 40 years, Forever has provided ordinary people with an extraordinary business, one with real potential, uncapped earnings and proven results.


Forever is a financially stable company, cash-rich and debt-free with a presence in over 150 countries worldwide.  Forever is also a member of the Direct Selling Association (DSA) and the Forever UK Head Office holds Investors in People (IIP) accreditation for people management excellence.


Forever Business Owners have access to uncapped earnings, generous incentives, bonus and reward programmes, extensive training and support and high quality products that people love.


If you want flexible hours, extra income, to be your own boss and to improve your life, then why wait?  

That's why we chose Forever because ultimately it gave us the time and freedom we were looking for that we could not achieve in the corporate world.

Your Future Starts Here

Your Future Starts Here

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