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ELENA (Mum & School Teacher)

My background is music and performing arts teaching. When I left to start a family, I earned a ‘royalty’ style income’ writing educational revision guides and alongside that built a buy to let property portfolio. But, in 2007, with the credit crunch and housing market collapse, we needed extra income so it was natural to start teaching again. Despite loving teaching, I was not enamoured with a static income and eroded pension, but equally didn’t want the stress, responsibility or time constraints of promotion. Suffice to say I was open to looking at other avenues.

I was introduced to a business concept at a networking event in November 2011. My husband was initially sceptical, but I’d learnt about network marketing years earlier, and I was excited to get going. This time, unlike the property investments, I’d found massive potential with no risk. Phew!  I saw a company with strong ethics and family values top of the list.


With the benefit of fantastic training from an experienced supportive team, I’ve built a successful and expanding business. It’s delivering the lifestyle and income I was looking for, and given me the confidence to build our property portfolio further. The largest return however has come in the form of amazing self-development and peace of mind knowing that my business is completely flexible so I can choose when and how I prioritise my work and family time.

LINDSEY (NHS & Pilates Instructor)

I was introduced to this business by a class member. Not looking for anything new, but in the back of my mind wondering if I would teach Pilates for another 25 years, I was happy to consider something that complimented that. Being the owner of two other businesses and a mum of two I wanted the flexibility to work when I chose to. Nervous of the idea of ‘selling’ I realised that I was comfortable recommending things if they were to help others… and of course, that we ‘sell’ ourselves every day in the way we interact with others.

I also discovered that my vision and dreams for the future had been hidden away during my previous NHS management career…. and am now motivated to achieve the generous incentives and rewards offered with this business.

With consistent effort and the willingness to really help others I have built a significant business which is gaining momentum and depth. I intend to ‘wind down’ in my 50’s so I can travel and embark on more charity work and in the meantime I aim to role model to my boys that they can change lives for the better if they choose – and still take time to smell the roses on the journey!

MIKE (Physiotherapist & FIT Ambassador)


My background is in Physiotherapy. I diversified many years ago to develop my own business in the production and distribution of Pilates DVD’s. Receiving a substantial monthly royalty style income, I learned that unlike a job, investing my time and skill in this way made good business sense.  However, with changes in the way people buy and share video, the DVD industry suffered massively as did my income.

Fortunately, Plan B was already in place. I soon realised that this business offered the same opportunity to develop a royalty style income – where my efforts would be rewarded forever – but this time in a consumable and growing market.  I decided to roll up my sleeves and get to work; building a strong stable income by offering products and the opportunity to open minded people I knew and met.


Six years on, it has delivered a wonderful income. I now feel secure knowing I have created something where I determine the rate of success. It is a positive environment to raise my two gorgeous children in and their horizons have been broadened hugely. Already they’ve had the opportunity to travel on company incentives to Vienna, Budapest, Hawaii and Sardinia.

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