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The Ultimate Gift of Time

We are located in the UK but support individuals all around the world. Our area of expertise and specialism is within

the Wellness, Health & Nutrition industry including sports.

We support and coach people from a variety of backgrounds to set up and grow their own profitable business.

Phil Pickles

Hi my name is Phil and thank you for being curious.... this opportunity has enabled me to, in effect retire 20 years early from my corporate career in the medical equipment industry and I now work half the number of hours I used to with little stress.

My wife came across this opportunity 15 years ago when I was working 90 hours a week , sat behind the wheel of a car for 60,000 miles a year , stressed and staying away from home many nights a week, existing not really living!

My passion has always been travel, before and now with our 7yr old daughter. I look forward to 2 all expenses paid family holidays a year and a share of the company profits for the past 7 years, all this working part and helping people just like you achieve.

Whatever challenges you have if life at the moment, by working closely along side myself and the team we can help you achieve freedom in your life, whatever that may mean to you.

Tracy Pickles

Hi my name is Tracy and my background is in financial services and more recently a full time mum.  14 years ago I was looking for time.  I worked 40 hours a week from home and my husband Phil worked 80 hours a week in the medical devices industry. We had a lovely home, a great car, and two amazing holidays each year, but not enough time to enjoy a balanced lifestyle.

I was introduced to a business opportunity that showed me how I could work for myself, have control of my own hours and the flexibility around my current commitments but more importantly a way of earning a full time income on part time hours.

Over the past five years we have built a fantastic royalty style income which has been built flexibly around our now four-year-old daughter allowing me to spend as much time as I wanted with my daughter. Most mums would either have had to put their children into nursery or could not afford to pursue and pay for some of the most amazing interests you can experience with young children such as travelling, skiing, swimming and much more.

Today I am passionate about helping people achieve some, more or all of the things that I have.

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